Words from our founder


I was born in Italy and I have always been attracted to music and any type of artistic expression. At a young age I began studying Classical Dance in Monte Carlo, and, thanks to open-minded parents, I started my dance career soon after. I danced for 14 years in The Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam,  where I got the chance to live and dance in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Brazil.

After my dance career ended, I opened a bar in Nancy (France) together with some friends. It turned out to be very successful. I discovered a world of drugs, alcohol, money and sadly fake friends, and soon realised this wasn’t going to make me happy. During this time I almost forgot about my passion so soon after decided to pack my bags and return to Amsterdam. 

I really wanted and tried to fit in and have a ‘normal life’ and started working as an Account Manager for a big multinational.  But the passion was not there, and it did not give me  the adrenaline rush I was hoping for. It was not who I was. I also found some of the work in sales against my principles.  I  then moved back into more familiar territory and started working as a Personal Trainer. I love communicating with people and helping them attain their goals. Now this was an adrenaline rush for me! 

In order to provide for my family I started my dream business and one where I can use my passion and creativity daily.

What I have learned from having a dancing career, discipline, passion and authenticity, I have brought with me to my business.  I learned that where emotions are natural and real, there is a greater and stronger connection with people and a greater impact.

What defines and drives me is authenticity, purpose over profit, innovation, creativity, my genuine interests, high quality products, and to have values that triumph over competitiveness and only profit.


Enrico Mathis, Owner of Baly.
Our Vision
Our Mission


We would love to give a microscopical contribution on helping to arise the conciseness of people on the ecological problem we face today , a microscopical contribution on a different way on doing and perceiving business transaction and business in general.

On demonstrate that eco product can be sexy and hight end

To innovate not just the product but all around the product, way of thinking, way of doing business etc etc

The ecological problem come from a insensitivity with root in our consumeristic culture that deny the fundamental phenomena in live, that everything is connected. So or example we , as human , we can appreciate a beautifully sun set a the bitch, but we cant understand that daily use of plastic cup will kill the sun set one day . We are incapable of making the connection. Even giving more strong and obvious example like the torture and slaughter that happen every day on animal some how we d’ont connected. Our mission and Vision at Blay is to try to brother the conciseness of people true daily use object we try to make them beautiful easy to use financially convenient and extremely sexy. We want to bring awareness to eco friendly through small daily use object.

Our story

Thank you for visiting Blay !

We are a new company with roots in both Bali and Amsterdam.

Our Story Start in our vacation in 2017 In one of the beautiful beach of Bali were we discuss our passion for travelling ,nature and especially our concern for the environment global situation. We both agree that we have to do something to try to contribute to the eco friendly awareness and eco situation that is the reason we found Blay. We think the woman are the key, woman are definitively the most sensible to the eco issue and the one that will, at the end, influence the big change and weak up the stubborn male conciseness. That is way we start the production of high end eco beauty product for woman.