Can I use reusable cotton pads for toner ?

Can I use reusable cotton pads for toner ?

What is the purpose of facial toner?

Toner can be used as a skin cleaner, either morning or night.

Toner is generally used as a complement to the skin cleansing process and removal of makeup. Its
purpose is to complete make-up removal by eliminating remnants, impurities and dead cells whilst
moisturising the skin to give it a glow.

The tonic lotion is applied directly onto a moist cotton pad after makeup removal or skin cleansing,
and before applying the cream.

One cotton pad is used in the morning for toning and about 2 or 3 in the evening to remove makeup.

Which toners should I use?

There are many toners for the face: the toner is composed of water and active ingredients beneficial to the skin, like chamomile, witch hazel, rose, cornflower and aloe vera. 

There are also thick lotions based on cream or oil (jojoba, sunflower) for dry skin. For sensitive skin, use hyaluronic acid-based lotions or cucumber extract. 

For combination skin, choose a lotion without panthenol or zinc oxide. 

For normal skin, choose those lotions that are cream-based. For tired skin, choose rose water, which has regenerating and antibacterial properties that help to prevent skin ageing.

Why use eco-friendly toners?

There have been many scandals about the composition of products.
Natural cosmetics have many advantages:

 ● Economic sense: the natural products have several properties and several uses, for
example, coconut oil can be used as a nourishing body lotion, as a make-up remover, a
natural deodorant, to soothe eczema and insect bites and to deflate a bruise. 

● Better for the skin: natural products are more effective on the skin as they naturally
assimilate with the skin, the compositions are more “clean” (as you know what’s in them)
and are more active and effective at penetrating the skin. They come without silicones
(occlusive ingredients that block pores). Moreover, natural products are free of all those
synthetic ingredients that are potentially dangerous and unhealthy 

● Environmental benefits: natural naturally means ecological. 

● Using eco-responsible cosmetic products has become extremely important and everyone
needs to play a part, for your children and grandchildren or the fauna and flora. Avoid
using palm oil, EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid) which is often found in soaps.
Also avoid aerosols, products with PEGs, preservatives, UV filters, perfume and dye etc.

As we have seen, there are many reasons to use organic cosmetics. Another reason to switch to
organic cosmetics is the question of ethics about animal testing.
You may think that toners are always organic, but this is not the case. There are many toners with a
not so clean composition.

The chemical components can be irritating and clog pores. That’s why you will finally find an
effective solution to all your little worries thanks to the benefits of natural ingredients such as
vegetable oils, aloe vera, honey or essential oils, which can work miracles on all skin types!

Some natural and organic tonic lotions :

Refining toner bio hamamélis Weleda 

Refines, clarifies and perfects all skin types. The freshening tonic in your skin-care routine – with
organic lemon juice with a fresh and natural fragrance.





Rose Water Facial Toner Laino 

Rose scented water soothes and offers the skin a feeling of freshness by reviving the complexion’s radiance. Toning water can be used throughout the day.  






Comforting toner hyaluronic acid ( with rose water, cornflower, chamomilla)   Discover softer and smoother skin with this comforting essence. Instantly soothes and calms sensitive, dry and tight skin. Deeply tones and hydrates. Regulates the pH balance, prevents skin irritation.     






Organic Facial Toner for combination to oily skin Centella   

If your skin is combination to oily, you can give it the tone it so badly needs, thanks to the Organic Centella Tonic for combination to oily skin. Alcohol-free but toning, it deeply cleanses your skin and tightens its pores, thanks to essential oils of thyme and rosemary. Natural extracts of pine and lemon regulate sebum production and purify your pores. Finally, the trace elements and nutrients present nourish your skin in depth, for a radiant and pure face.    

How do I use the washable toner pads?

These pads can apply toner to the face. Just wait a second for the toner to absorb, then it is as effective as a disposable makeup remover.

Soak it in lotion/toner and gently pat your face from the inside out without rubbing the skin to avoid irritation.

It saves money and protects the environment. Every little bit helps!

How to get it?

Our reusable cotton pads are ideal for gentle cleansing, makeup/dirt/oil removal and for lotion/toner
application. Not only for the face but also the eyes, lips and neck!

The pads below are super soft and are made with skin-friendly ingredients from bamboo and cotton.
The toner is absorbed just enough by these soft pads to distribute it properly on your skin.
These pads are suitable for all skin types: sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin, normal skin and
are hypoallergenic.

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